Join my dog yoga classes in Brighton on Sundays

Get a double boost of serotonin by doing yoga with dogs!

I guide hour-long group Vinyasa Flow yoga classes that build strength and flexibility, paying particular attention to poses that are inspired by dogs’ movements.

All well-behaved, sociable dogs are welcome to join. If you don’t have your own pooch but enjoy canine company, then this is a great opportunity to get your furry fix.

Energetic play offers physical and mental benefits for both humans and dogs – it’s a win win. Come along and soak up the feel-good vibes – we promise you’ll have a ball!

I teach Doga classes at a few venues in Brighton, see booking details below.

Doga Classes at the SEAGYM, Brighton

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Doga Classes at LifeFit

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Why are dogs such natural yogis?

Dogs instinctively stretch, self-soothe and shake their bodies to release tension.

Dogs are intently aware of their surroundings and engage all their senses to get the lay of the land.

Dogs are inclined to live in the present moment and generally take pleasure in simple things.